Due to COVID19, the school is only open to children of key workers, Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 - Call us on 01980 623009 or email office@amesbury.wilts.sch.uk for any advice during this time.


Class Teacher: Miss Mundy

Teaching Assistants: Ms Nolan-Evans and Mrs Richardson

PPA cover: Ms Wildman and Mrs Moore

Welcome to Ebsbury Class

8th June 2020

Hello everyone!

It is Miss Mundy here and I am very excited to say that I have some Year 1 friends with me. They have agreed to help me keep this page updated with some of the fun activities we are doing here in school! Here are some of the things we enjoyed from last week.

We loved making bubbles! We mixed water and washing up liquid to make a bubble mixture. We then blew air into the mixture to create some enormous bubbles. We tried to see who could blow the biggest but they were all pretty impressive!

We also tested our drawing skills! We followed a step by step video to help us draw a skeleton. We had great fun adding all the finer details. I wonder what drawing challenge we might take on this week? Below is a picture of Miss Mundy's skeleton! (The one she drew, not her actual skeleton!)

We have also enjoyed modelling and sculpting using home made playdough. Isaac even managed to recreate Salisbury Cathedral and the close surrounding it!

Finally, we read a lovely store called In My Heart: A book of feelings. By Jo Witek. This explains that our hearts have lots of layers of feelings so to represent this idea we drew and colouring in a picture of a heart to show the vast amout of feelings we can each feel. See the book here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIfLgHBwYx4

Check back on Friday to see what fun things we have been up to at school this week!

6th May 2020

Zog: 1: Amazon.co.uk: Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler: BooksGame of Thrones Replica Dragon Egg – Choose from 3 | Menkind

What a Dragon filled week! I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the book Zog by Julia Donaldson. This week we have completed lots of arts and crafts activities to make the learning engaging! We have made: playdough Dragon sculptures, fire breathing dragon cups, decorated dragon eggs and thought about what we want to be when we grow up!

Please remember to email any work into the office that you would like me to see, I love seeing your home-made creations!


Miss Mundy


12th April 2020

Hope you all had a great Easter - Southern Lamps

Please remember to have fun but most importantly, STAY SAFE!


27th March 2020

Bumblebee Thank You Notes (Stationery, Note Cards, Boxed Cards ...Rainbow Handprints pk 12 – Springboard SuppliesRounders is slowly dying out, but this most British of pastimes is ...

Wow! What a week! I have had lots of fun learning and playing in the sunshine, have you? This week I have painted a picture of some key workers, made a rainbow using colourful handprints (if it is safe to do so, please walk past the school hall window and admire our beautiful rainbow!), played rounders on the field and created thank you cards for key workers.

P.E. With Joe / The Body Coach

This morning we did our first outdoors Joe Wicks workout, we are planning to make this a daily activity providing the sun continues shining! Have you been joining in too? Send in pictures if you have any! Check back for the video of the staff and the children who took part at school today!

Please keep me updated with all of your hard work, 

Thank you to the family and friends of Amesbury Primary who are key workers and are helping to support our local community to make it through this unfortunare time.

Stay safe and have fun!

See you on the other side, 

Miss Mundy 

23rd March 2020

Image result for bug hunt                 Image result for bug hunt

Hi Ebsbury Class,
I hope you are all staying safe and well and making good use of the hand washing technique we learnt!
I am still working hard at school to make sure Ebsbury class is ready for when you all return. I hope you take this time to appreciate spending time with your family whilst also keeping up your learning! I have been sending learning packs home for you to complete - I hope you are completing at least 1 maths, 1 writing and 1 reading task each day. Please encourage your grown ups to send learning pictures to the office so that I can see what you have been up to!
On Monday I went on a Bug Hunt. I found worms, snails, woodlice and slugs! Have you been on a Bug Hunt yet? If you have, maybe you could write about what you found and get your grown up to take a picture. 
Make sure you get some fresh air whenever you can and whenever it is safe to do so! 
Remember our school values and always strive to be the best version of yourself!
I already can't wait to already see you again!
Stay safe!
Miss Mundy