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School Council

At Amesbury CE Primary we recognise the importance of the pupil voice and making our pupils part of the decisions that we make to improve our school.

Councillors are elected by their peers at the start of each academic year and each class (Y1 to Y6) is represented by one councillor. They meet weekly and then report back to their classes through class feedback meetings, giving all children in the school involvement in upcoming projects and an opportunity to share their opinions.

Our School Council lead is a Year 6 pupil, elected by staff at the start of every year and is always somebody who has shown wonderful leadership qualities. This year the School Council lead is ______. She minutes and organises the group meetings with the support of Miss Sainsbury and is responsible for ensuring all information is shared through the website, social media and school newsletters. The Council are very involved in school life – from organising school events, buying resources and designing lunch menus to being involved in fundraising projects that benefit our school and charities across the world.