The winners of the House Team competition is Blue Team. Well done everyone in Blue Team - Term 6 finishes on Thursday 25th July at 1.30pm No Ark that day. Children return on Wednesday 4th September.


Children are encouraged to be inventive and creative, using a range of materials and tools. Design and Technology gives children the opportunity to plan, develop, modify and evaluate their ideas through a series of projects. These skills allow children to examine and solve practical problems and to make existing situations better.

In EYFS we have a designated group room, which is filled with a variety of interesting resources. We would like to thank the EYFS parents who kindly donate resources for our junk modelling. This is a particular favourite of our children, as they love to explore the resources and build different models every week.

Generally, the teaching of design and technology is alternated each term with art, meaning children we complete three exciting design and technology topics over the year.