SCHOOL CLOSED. Due to COVID19, the school is only open to children of key workers - Call us on 01980 623009 or email for any advice during this time.

Who's Who

Amesbury Primary is fortunate in having an energetic and happy staff team made up of people with an abundance of skills. Our teachers and teaching assistants range from newly qualified to those with many years of experience. Staff work together in teams to ensure that the best possible learning takes place and that every child is given endless opportunities to be the very best they can be.

The friendly office team are approachable, friendly and helpful at all times. They ensure that our children are well cared for when they are unwell; parents are dealt with promptly and with courtesy; and generally, they are there to ensure the smooth running of the school.


Meet The Senior Leadership Team

Terry Hall
Mrs T Hall


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Short

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms Susan Skinner

Ms S Skinner

Business Manager

Meet The Teachers

Mrs Emma Timmins
Mrs E Timmins

Stonehenge Class (Y6)

Miss Caroline Buck
Miss C Buck

Avebury Class (Y6)


Mrs Jo Pegman
Mrs J Pegman

Figsbury Class (Y5)

Mr Leigh Bolton
Mr A Grace

Woodhenge Class (Y5)

Mrs Paige Clowes
Mrs P Clowes

Wardour Class (Y4)

Miss A Jenkins
English Lead

Longleat (Y4)

Miss K Card
Maths Lead

Danebury Class (Y3)

Miss A Sainsbury

Sarum Class (Y3)

Mrs C Green

Barbury Class (Y3)

Mrs E Hanslip

Stourhead Class (Y2)

Mrs S Brindley

Yarnbury Class (Y2)

Mrs S Black

Yarnbury Class (Y2)

Miss S Mundy

Ebsbury Class (Y1)

Miss R Holden

Fosbury Class (Y1)

Mrs J Walker

Winkelbury Class (FS2)

Miss V Clark

Silbury Class (FS2)

Ms C Wildman

PE Teacher

Mrs K Moore

Staff release

Meet The Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Osgood
Mrs L Dunford
Mrs A Lee
Mrs A Merredew
Miss O Self
Ms L Nolan-Evans
Mrs E Richardson
Mrs E Wells
Miss T Kinge
Mrs T Hayward
Mrs S Watts
Mrs C Arnold
Mrs G Gurung
Mrs J Garner
Mrs S Appleby
Mrs J Chant
Ms L James
Mrs D Oswell

Meet The Office Staff

Mrs J Dudgeon

Admin Officer

Mrs C Connolly

Admin Officer

Mrs A Pearey

Curriculum admin

Meet The Site Staff

Mr J Raymond

Site Manager

Mr D Jaffray

Assistant Site Manager

Miss J Carter-Heatley


Mrs A Potts

Assistant Cook

Mrs K Sarfas

Primary Assistant

Mr T Browning


Mrs C Townley


Mrs S Houston